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Established in 2015, Beijing YiJu Law Firm is a high-level, specialized Chinese law firm organized in corporate system, with its headquarters in Zhongguancun, Beijing.

YiJu adheres to the core values of "rigorousness, practicability, integrity and concentration", and is committed to providing specialized legal services and risk control solutions for corporate clients to the extreme.

Since its establishment, YiJu has been constantly deepening and expanding its coverage of legal services, and has gradually formed a business development pattern of "professionalism prioritized, supplemented by comprehensiveness", with corporate legal advisory services, investment and mergers and acquisitions, real estate and construction projects, finance, securities and capital markets, foreign investment, international trade and intellectual property as the core, and has been assisting clients to control their business legal risks and achieve their business goals in an all-round, multi-level and integrated way.

YiJu's partner lawyers and senior lawyers all graduated from famous law schools at home and abroad, such as China University of Political Science and Law, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China and Institute of Law of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. YiJu's founding partners and senior partners are mostly drawn from top law firms in China, with rich practice experience, international outlook, reliable professionalism and profound social resources. At present, YiJu has a specialized legal service team consisting of experts with their own strengths and complementary advantages, which ensures the maximization of clients' interests with rich industry experience, acute judgment, solid legal knowledge and satisfactory professional ethics.

In addition, YiJu has also engaged senior experts, scholars, professors and professionals in various fields as consultants to ensure the continuous enrichment, stability, expansion and development of YiJu's expert team.

In order to continuously improve the specialized skills and service level of the business team, YiJu adopts a work mode featuring both rigorous specialization-based labor division and team collaboration, and manage cases/projects with the integrated management system dedicated for law firms with international leading level, therefore ensuring that the project team implements strict, standardized and systematic operation procedures and management system and supervision mechanism for each and every case/project all the way through case search upon acceptance, conflict of interest verification, commissioned examination, to staff allocation, handling and coordination, tracking and feedback, and that special personnel are designated to be responsible. YiJu takes on the responsibility of providing specialized and high-quality legal services to our clients, and firmly believes that "whether the interests of our clients are maintained to the greatest extent" is the sole criterion to assess the work performance of each and every employee of YiJu.

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Meihua ZHOU
Meihua ZHOU
Executive Director | Attorney at Law | Patent Attorney
Yuexian WANG
Yuexian WANG
Attorney at Law



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