Eliminate Monopoly and Promote Competition

Established in 2015, Beijing YiJu Law Firm is a high-level, specialized Chinese law firm organized in corporate system, with its headquarters in Zhongguancun, Beijing.

With exquisite specialized skills, YiJu's unfair competition and anti-monopoly business department is committed to providing clients with legal opinions on unfair competition and anti-monopoly, handling various administrative and judicial cases of unfair competition and anti-monopoly, and assisting clients to establish an honest and trustworthy market order, which has won unanimous praise from clients in the service process.

Diagnosis of Unfair Competition

Provide specialized legal opinions on unfair competition legal issues such as commercial confusion, infringement of trade secrets, false propaganda, unfair sales with prizes, commercial bribery and anti-corruption

Handling of Unfair Competition Litigation

Effectively deal with civil litigation, criminal litigation, administrative reconsideration and litigation in unfair competition fields such as infringement of trade secrets, commercial confusion and false propaganda

Concentration of Undertakings

Evaluate whether the merger and acquisition transactions of enterprises constitute concentration of undertakings, assist enterprises in declaring concentration of undertakings, and raise reasonable adjustment opinions of merger and acquisition structure

Opinions on Anti-Monopoly

Evaluate vertical and horizontal monopoly agreements or abuse of market dominance by enterprises and related associations, and provide effective legal opinions on relevant contracts and agreements

Other Competition and Anti-Monopoly Services

Provide formulation and training of compliance programs related to competition law and anti-monopoly law for enterprises

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